Past Campaigns (Prior to 2013/14 Committee)

Written by Jack Salter (LGBT+ Officer 2013/14)

The UoN LGBT Network has an active campaigning side ranging from awareness raising campaigns such as Donation not Discirmination, World AIDS Day, and INDAHO to campaigning for positive change for our Network student members such as gender neutral toilets throughout campus to national campaigns such as Equal Marriage and Pride to bring about change on a national level!

This year we are running a sub-committee – any Network students who have ideas for campaigns or want to help out in carrying them out is invited to please do so! The sub-committee will meet every fortnight and co-ordinate online too. Email to get involved!



Below are a small selection of some of the campaigns the Network has run over the last year.



World AIDS Day is held on 1st of December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.

At Nottingham last year the UoN LGBT Network raised awareness for WAD by teaming up with the Women’s Network, UNICEF, StopAIDS, ZambiAIDS and MedSIN. The day’s events included: a stand in the University’s Portland building with information about HIV and AIDS and freebies. Healthy Gay Nottingham also helped out by offering free advice and support to students on sexual health and the University’s Cripps Health Centre offered STI screening for students throughout the day. All volunteers for the day wore red and we carried out a red ribbon stunt where we formed a red ribbon by holding hands with each other to raise awareness for the day at the University’s Portland building which was filmed and publicised by NUTS (Nottingham University Television Station). Then to finish off the day we hosted a Red Cafe (similar to our monthly Queer Cafe) with tea and cakes to raise money for the WAD chairty.



In the autumn of 2011 Channel 4 aired the documentary “My Transexual Summer” where the series followed seven people who were undertaking a range of gender affirmation procedures as they made the journey to realise their true identities.

Following the huge success of this show UoN LGBT Network invited Drew and Lewis to come and host a question and answer session at the University. This event was open to all students and other LGBT community groups in the hope that understanding and awareness could be raised through this event. The event was a huge success! Special thanks to our past Campaigns Officer Jo Moore who organised this event and got Drew and Lewis to Nottingham safely!



In 2012 the government held a consultation on the proposals that same-sex couples should be able to have civil marriages and those undergoing gender re-assignment shouldn’t have to dissolve their current marriage or civil partnership in order to change their legal gender status.

In order to raise awareness and encourage people to fill in the consultation, email their MP’s and fill in the petition on the Coalition for Equal Marriage website we held an awareness raising day where we had lap tops available for people to do all of the above and we made a banner which we asked people to sign to show their support. The day as a massive success as you can see from the banner afterwards in the photo. We also passed a motion at our Student’s Union Council to say that our Student’s Union support the equal marriage proposals and those organisations fighting for equality on this matter.

SEE ME 2012


SEE ME was a new campaigns developed this year where Nottingham’s Representational Networks teamed up together to challenge stereotypes and assumptions we make about each other.

Look past the label: SEE MELabels, stereotypes and assumptions are everywhere: the gay best friend, the angry feminist, the lazy student. Has anyone ever made an assumption about you based on just one part of who you are? Have you ever been called ‘the ginger one’, ‘the rah’, ‘the Christian’?

Nottingham’s Representational Networks believe that there is more to people with depression than their health, more to gay people than their sexualities, and more to international students than the country they come from. No-one should be reduced to just one aspect of their personality.



Every year the UoN LGBT attends Nottinghams Pride march through the city centre to raise awareness and show our support!

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