Michael is gay for politics

As both Gen sec/treasurer and a second year politics student it is my pleasure to be able to write about our upcoming committee election! At the time of writing there is only one more day in which you can stand so I’m going to dedicate some space here to talking about why you should consider putting yourself up for one of our two available welfare and outreach roles:

Being on LGBT Network committee is an experience like no other. The committee itself is friendly and really very committed (pun?) to ensuring that our university’s LGBT members are well represented within the university, looked after, and provided with safe social spaces. As a group we are all very nice and very few of us bite. If you were to become one of our welfare and outreach officers you’d have a very fulfilling job, be working with lovely people and above all know that you are – in a very real way – helping the University of Nottingham’s LGBT students. So why wouldn’t you stand, really?

Right, now that I’ve dedicated a paragraph to explaining why you should stand for the role I’m going to spend some time looking at why you should definitely vote in this election. One thing we on the committee really want to get across this year is that the LGBT Network is yours. That’s right, yours! Together we are a community of people with similar experiences, some shared interests and needs and ultimately the more involved our members are with the running of the Network the better a community we are. That is my main reason why I think it is essential that you vote in this election. But here are 10 others:

  1. Voting (both on small things like this and in the wider world of politics) suggests consent for the current system. By voting you are not only registering your preferences but also letting the committee as it currently is know how well you think we are doing.
  2. It gives you a direct ability to shape the current committee – do you think we are lacking a certain type of person or a person with certain skills? Well, here is your opportunity to tell us!
  3. It’s actually a really great way to get to know members of the Network you perhaps didn’t know before.
  4. It’s easy! It literally takes a matter of minutes to do, so why not?
  5. The people who are standing have worked really hard on their manifestos and really want to be on the committee. It’d be great if their hard work was rewarded by a high turnout.
  6. Political engagement is fun! That may sound like a joke but clearly as I’m studying politics I genuinely think this is true.
  7. Sometimes people stand on parody manifestos and that’s always a bundle of laughs (see #leftsharkgate – basically a member of the Network ran for officer last year as “left shark” and their manifesto was filled with fish puns and it was the height of brilliance).
  8. If you vote you’ll get a Michael point (which you can exchange for gifts from me at the end of year formal).
  9. If you haven’t been so involved with the Network this year this a great way to start getting involved now.
  10. I have spent some time writing this blog post and it’d be a real shame if all that were for nothing.

So there you have it! 10 solid reasons why you should definitely vote in our upcoming elections.

Votes open on the 22nd of December and close on the 1st of January so you haven’t got that long. What a fantastic crimbo gift the Network has given you; the chance to truly engage.

Your general secretary,



Hello from the other side (of the net)


Boom! The website is updated and part of that fantastic new update is a lovely blog! I’ll be posting here at least every other week from from now so make sure you check in to see my musings, LGBT news, commentary on LGBT events (not limited to the SU events), and perhaps some video blogs.

One of the things I really love about our network is that you guys are always so keen to get involved, so please feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute to the blog.

So, recently we had a fantastic scene crawl in Manchester that was a huge success. We have also painted mugs and frankly they look awesome and I shall be regularly be drinking my tea from them. Currently at one of the fortnightly LGBT cafe events munching on a tea cake and having a lovely time.

Anyway, check in in a couple of weeks for a more interesting and engaging blog entry!

Your general secretary, Michael