Review of LGBT history month

So as February comes to a close and we enter March (where is the year going?) we come to the end of another year of celebrating LGBT History Month. The LGBT Network worked extremely hard to give a month jam-packed with events, ranging from Planet Bounce to a night in the beloved and glittered-up Ocean nightclub. The university also hosted a series of lectures surrounding LGBT and the long history behind the community. It is important during this month, and indeed throughout the year, to not only support and be proud of the LGBT community but also to recognise and honour the long and intricate history.

The LGBT community has by no means experienced an easy timeline; indeed many struggles have been faced including the spread of same sex marriage, reduction of LGBT hate crime, removing LGBT as being a mental illness/disorder, exposing the experiments/torture conducted on LGBT individuals as well as the lives that have suffered and been lost along this whole process. The community however has powered through decades of negativity and prejudice.

I keep using the word “community” because, to me at least, the most important thing I have learned from being a part of LGBT is the idea of being part of a community, a powerful and close-knit group that removes all sense of judgement and encourages strong and honest relationships. Indeed this can be applied in the wider scope of LGBT history as a sense of community has always been present, and will continue to grow and flourish as barrier and societal structures are broken down further.

It is with confidence that I can say the status of LGBT and the power of the community is much stronger than it has been in previous decades, but it is important to never forget the struggles the community has faced in its time and the potential struggles it will inevitably face in the future. But again, as long as the community remains resilient, it will only increase in terms of awareness, accessibility and understanding.

Much love, Paige (Social Sec)


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