NUS LGBT+ Conference!

My deepest apologies for the lateness of this, as we’ve had some logistical issues with running this election (which have now been ironed out).

What is NUS LGBT+ Conference?

It’s essentially the chance for lots of LGBT students from across the country to come together where they discuss and vote on motions, as well as elect the NUS LGBT+ representatives for the following year. If you’re interested in activism or politics, then this is certainly something for you!

Where/when is it?

This year it’s being held in Sheffield on March 15th-17th. Accommodation can be provided (free of charge!) if you need it, and we can cover the costs for transport there and back.

Who’s allowed to go?

The UoN LGBT Network are sending the standard five delegates to the Conference this year. The positions available are the following:

  1. Open place (i.e. anybody)
  2. Trans place
  3. BME place
  4. Women’s place
  5. Disabled place

Please note that we are required to send a minimum of two women, so one of the places aside from women’s place must be also for a woman.

How do we choose who goes?

  1. Interested members must nominate themselves (see instructions below) by 6am Sunday 28th.
  2. If places need to be voted on as we have more than one person who wishes to go,* we shall then open voting through THIS website (not the SU website!) which will finish on 9am Monday 29th.

*If there is only one person who misses out and who truly wishes to go, we shall consider applying for a sixth place. However, this would then require us to send three women instead of two, so obviously it complicates matters and might not be possible!

Okay, sounds great, how do I nominate myself?

Fill out the APPLICATION FORM! Please note that the second page of questions is for registration purposes and will be used for no other purpose.

Any other questions? Email me at and I’ll try to help, although I apologise that I will be offline 7am-5.30pm on Saturday.

— Alistair (LGBT Officer)


Reminder of key dates:

  • Nominations deadline: 6am Sunday 28th February.
  • Voting closes: 9am Monday 29th February.
  • NUS LGBT+ Conference: Tuesday 15th March – Thursday 17th March.
  • Link to application form again!



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