Student Leader Elections: Voting Has Opened!!!

For those of you who haven’t seen the sun this week and might not be aware of the ongoing elections (campaign banners and teams are in-your-face all over campus), voting has opened!!

There are 7 full time officers (president, education, equal opportunities and welfare, postgraduate, sport, activities and community) and 7 part time officers (BME, women’s, LGBT+, mature, international, students with disabilities and environmental and social justice). These officers work as a team and in their subsections to make your uni experience the best they possibly can.

It’s really important that you vote because, at the end of the day, your SU is there for you. Without input from the students, the officers wouldn’t be able to put into action things that you want. Things that the SU have already put into place due to student feedback are the safer taxi scheme and the welfare in sport pledge. These have massively improved uni life and with your vote, officers can make your university experience even better.

You can find out who’s running and VOTE here:

Impact, HerCampus, and NSTV have been covering the election period so you can keep up to date:


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