Welfare reminder in light of recent events

In light of the Orlando shooting the Welfare team would like to offer our support and reminders that however you need to grieve for this event, that’s okay. There is no ‘right’ way to process what you’re feeling, and you are under no obligation to speak outwardly and against this event if that is detrimental to your own wellbeing. The most important thing following from this event is showing support and solidarity within our community, and that may take many different forms. First and foremost we need to look after ourselves, and self-care is paramount to that.

Here is a list of ideas for ways of practicing self-care are:

  • Taking a break from social media – if seeing reminders and images from the event is taking its toll, it’s okay to avoid these platforms for a while. You aren’t obligated to be reminded of the pain we’re all feeling right now.
  • Reaching out to others – this may particularly be important if you’re someone who isn’t out, as it may be difficult to conceal why you’re so affected by this event if people around you aren’t aware of your gender and/or orientation. So try to talk to people who are aware and remember that the welfare team’s email is always open (welfare@org)
  • Using a hobby as a distraction – whether it’s reading, watching your favourite Disney film, going for a walk, or watching funny animal videos, using distractions can be extremely valuable at this time. It’s okay to not want to think about what happened for a while and there are many ways of focusing on something else that are available.
  • Managing your mental wellbeing – for those who already deal with mental health problems it can be extremely emotionally draining when something like this happens. Try to remember ways of coping, such as eating and drinking enough, taking medication, practicing mindfulness, and remember that we’re all here to support each other through this.


Rosie, Welfare Officer