Bi Visibility Day

Today is Bisexual Visibility Day! Unfortunately, bisexuals are on the receiving end of quite a bit of ignorance, both in society in general, and in LGBT communities. So here’s a little bit of destigmatization and information:

– We’re not confused! We’re not unsure of who we’re attracted to; we can be attracted to anyone.

– This doesn’t mean we fancy you. Don’t flatter yourself. Sometimes you’re just not our type.

– Please don’t ask us to have a threesome with you and your partner. We probably don’t want to. We might, but we’ll ask you.

– We are not more likely to cheat on you. Loyalty has nothing to do with the amount of people we can be sexually attracted to. Just because we like more than one sex or gender, doesn’t mean we’re going to have sex with anything that moves.

– On that note, we’re not all sexually promiscuous. Some of us might enjoy threesomes and open relationships, whilst others might not. The number of people we might be sexually attracted to is greater, but the amount of sex we have isn’t necessarily more than a hetero/homosexual person would.

– We might not even be sexually active or interested. There are asexual people who are romantically attracted to multiple genders or sexes, but aren’t interested in sex.

– A bisexual woman who is dating a woman is not homosexual.

– A bisexual woman who is dating a man is not heterosexual.

– Same goes for men.

– We’re always bisexual, regardless of our current partner’s gender.


Anyway, here are some bi things. Happy Bi Visibility Day!






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