Awareness Week:


From 10 to 16 October, the University of
Nottingham LGBT Network is proud to be running an awareness week. The LGBT community is vibrant in its intersectionality and diversity, and with 11 October being National Coming Out Day, we are going to be sharing an entire week of events aimed at raising awareness, celebrating the community, and opening dialogue between non-LGBT people and the community.

[Reminder of safe space policy: please do not ask people about their intersections, do not ‘hit’ on someone in a way that would make them feel uncomfortable, and – obviously – no transphobia, homophobia, racism, or any other form of hatred.]
Here is a look at what we have planned:

On Monday, 10 October, we are running a cafe event where we welcome you to join us for some food and drink, and to have a safe space to chat. With it coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Day, we are focusing on providing a space for talking about mental health, with members of the counselling service and our own Welfare team available for support. The event is running from 12 to 3 in A19, Trent Building.

On Tuesday, 11 October, keep an eye out on a special episode of University Radio Nottingham’s LGBT show The Identity Talk, where panellists will be talking about the dynamics of coming out. Tune in to at 6. On a lighter note, we are holding a pub quiz at The White Hart from 7:30pm onwards, with a focus on LGBT history. Everyone is welcome to attend and we ask for some donations to go to our Supporting Trans Members fund. Plus, it is National Coming Out Day so feel free – within your comfort zone – to express your Pride.

Wednesday 12 October has two events. Out in Education is running a presentation to talk about their amazing work from 1 to 2 in C27 Portland. In the evening, we have a panel of LGBT students who are going to be doing a Q&A session on being LGBT in the workplace. Bring your questions to LG11 Trent from 7 to 9.

Thursday 13 October also has two events. From 4 to 5, the university’s Rights and Justice research area is giving a presentation in the Studio in Portland to highlight one of the biggest LGBT research academic clusters in the UK. It’s a great way to find out about how you can contact academics if you want to do LGBT research or just want to find out what the uni is doing. In the evening, we have an amazing panel of individuals representing the Nottinghamshire LGBT Network, Nottingham Outburst, the Nottingham Trans Action Hub, QTIPOC Notts, and one of the former LGBT Officers of our uni who will be talking about the different intersections of the LGBT Community Today. It promises to be a deep and exciting look at what we have achieved and still have to work on, and it will run from 7 to 9 in C7, Trent.

On Friday 14 October, Duncan Anderson, a student medic and Network member is going to be giving a presentation on sexual health, including talking about men/men, women/women and trans intimacy. The session is from 6 to 7 in D136 Portland.

Saturday 15 October sees a day of collaborations with QTIPOC Notts, a support, socials and activist network for LGBT people of colour. From 13 to 3 in the Portland Concourse, they are running a really cool and relaxed cafe for a way to find out how people can get involved as members or allies. Later in the evening, from 7 onwards, we are co-hosting QTIPOCalypse Part 2 in the Studio Live space in Portland. This is an open mic night and we welcome everyone to attend and perform. Please do get in touch with Ibtisam Ahmed if you want to perform, but also feel free to walk up to the mic on the day.

To round off the week, we are going to be showing Pride in the Hallward Screening Room at 1 on Sunday 16 October. We hope that it proves to be a fun and uplifting way to finish an excellent week!


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