Hello everyone, after the incredible turn out at this week’s halloween event, as well as the awareness week pub quiz, we now have £268 in our STM pot! Thank you so much to everyone who came to these events – you have made it possible for us to launch STM.

What is it?

STM stands for Supporting Trans+ Members and the aim is to fund (or partially fund) products that are essential for safely combatting dysphoria. Being a student isn’t cheap, but we don’t want any one of our network members to be buying low-quality and potentially dangerous products due to a lack of funds.

How do I get funding?

Here is the funding application form:
Once we’ve had a few applications, we will hold a meeting with some volunteer panellists from the network in order to decide how to allocate funding. All applications will be anonymous so as to be fair. What the panel will be looking for is (a) is this product necessary (b) is this product safe, and (c) how much money are we able to put towards purchasing it. By (a) we mean necessary for combatting dysphoria, but not things like make-up or clothes. We can recommend cheap make up brands and we are also running a clothes swap. By (b) we mean is this a good quality product that will not affect your health.
If you’d like to be on the panel, please drop me a message!!! We’d like a large panel so as to be as fair as possible with the allocation of money.
Your LGBT+ Officer, Lux

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