Results from ‘LGBT+ Network Feedback Survey’ (3.25.17)

Regular surveys help us to gather information and improve our Network. Thank you for providing feedback and helping us better represent the voice of UoN LGBT+ students!

48 people took part in this survey. Though not representative of the entire Network, all information provided will be taken into regard by next year’s committee (commencing September 2017.) Results have been rounded to the nearest 1% for clarity.

All topics raised will be further explored at our first open committee meeting in the new academic year (date tbc.)

1. Are you happy with the Sunday cafe socials being held at Mooch?

Indifferent – 44%

Yes – 38%

No – 19%

These results show that the majority of students are either indifferent or content with Mooch Sunday socials, so we will continue to host socials at Mooch – however, we are aware of those who feel that Mooch is not ideal in this regard, so there will be regular socials at alternate locations with different atmospheres (including bringing back Kitty Cafe socials!)

If you have any ideas or preferences to where you want a social to be held, please use the Feedback tab on the website or message a committee member!

2. Would you be happy with the Network holding a ‘gender bread’ stall in which we give out free ginger bread and discuss gender identities?

Yes – 68%

No – 19%

Indifferent – 13%

Whilst the majority of participants had a positive reaction to the ‘gender bread’ stall idea, we are aware of the main issues associated with such a campaign – mainly, the problems that could arise with cisgender individuals discussing trans+ gender identities. In response to this, we aim to produce literature that will helpfully approach these topics in the correct fashion (and to avoid cisplaining). 

Additionally it was mentioned that using the ‘gender bread’ campaign may be inappropriate as this is primarily aimed at children. We do not wish to come across as patronising and subsequently, the committee will discuss this and try to come up with an alternative approach.

3. How many Network events have you been to this academic year?

0 to 4 – 46%

5 to 9 – 44%

10 or more – 11%

It’s fantastic to know that we have such interested and dedicated members! We are currently looking at ways to improve how we publicise events so that more members are aware that they are happening and are willing to come. This will involve restarting the weekly mailing list, readjusting how the events are processed via Facebook, and updating the calendar on the website. Again, if you have any ideas on how you would like to be informed of events, use the Feedback tab or email!

4. How welcoming have you found the Network this year? (Open question)

We received 41 responses, most of which were positive!

Some topics broached did include:

  • More external campus representation desired, particularly Sutton Bonington – It is our aim for next year to host at least one social a term dedicated to those LGBT+ students on Sutton Bonington, of which there are several. We’re going to be in contact with the Guild as much as possible, and hopefully our presence at the SB Welcome Fair will attract some attention and we can gather more information up-front on how best to help in this area! 
  • Established crowds – Naturally, close friendships will be formed at events as people meet and get along. However, this can sometimes cause new members to feel alienated. To help with this, we are aiming to host a Refreshers social in January 2018, as well as organising more welcome/ get-to-know socials (which will be more diverse) in October than have been hosted previously. There are in addition to the regular weekly socials that will go on throughout the year.

5. How, in your opinion, could the Network improve? (Open question)

Feedback included:

  • Giving members ‘concrete ways to give regular suggestions instead of just polls with limited options’.
  • More ‘openness from the committee’
  • More ‘transparency on committee operation’

I (Chris) completely agree that an efficient way of obtaining comments and concerns from students, as well as ensuring transparency from the committee, is crucial in making sure that the Network is representing the LGBT+ student voice as much as it can. 

In response to this, I aim to start a public LGBT+ Network Facebook Page, in addition to the current group. This will, hopefully, allow the following:

  • A concise and direct manner of relaying important Network information (including directly expressing what the committee are getting up to)
  • A buffer between the general public and the Facebook Group (which will remain an active safe space for UoN LGBT+ students and our direct allies only). This will stop any spamming from those who 
  • A way for Network members and members of the public to directly message the page, so that requests and feedback can be easily sent and speedily answered.
  • A clear way of advertising large scale events and website posts that will not become hidden underneath other posts.

6. Suggestions for Events and Campaigns

Ideas included:

  • More cafe events outside of Mooch (esp. Kitty Cafe) including non-alcoholic meet-ups
  • Discussion Groups and LGBT+ education sessions
  • Continuing with inclusive and interactive campaigns 
  • Meet ups with queer religious members
  • Continuing with events for asexual members and a more widespread acknowledgement that asexual people are welcome and included
  • Socials to alternative club nights (e.g. Ocean/Crisis)
  • Continued promotion of external campaigns like in Awareness Week

Thank you for the brilliant ideas! The Social Secs for the upcoming year are working hard to find places to host cafes and socials that differ from the usual Mooch setting. This includes places such as Lee Rosy’s, the Dice Cup Cafe and the Kitty Cafe etc.. Due to popular demand, weekly Mooch socials will still be happening! Additionally, socials with particular intersections will be hosted as regularly as possible, through the Network as well as through collaborations with other Networks in the Students Union. 

In regards to the campaign ideas, we currently do not have any campaign officers on committee. However, we are going to run another election in the new term, after which two campaigns officers and two more welfare officers will hopefully be added to the committee. Until then, we are hoping to run as many campaigns as possible alongside our social events! 

The 2017/18 Committee are incredibly excited to be able to help grow the Network in the next year, and we will take on all your feedback throughout. 

Thank you for reading and for answering the survey!

Chris Smith