Bisexuality Awareness Day

I’m sure many people from the LGBT+ community understand that you are frequently
asked/challenged about your sexuality and gender identities. I’m going to (light-heartedly) share some of the questions I have received about my sexuality, and the kind of thing us bisexuals receive on the regular:
“So which one do you prefer?”
“Isn’t it easier to just be straight?”
“So when did you know you liked both?”
“Are you just experimenting?”
“Oh but you’re going to pick gay or straight right?”
“… Threesome?”
Now, whilst it is possible to take these questions humorously, sometimes it is quite frankly just annoying. Let’s imagine a straight person being asked something along the lines of “Are you sure you’re straight?” Sound ludicrous, right? And yet it seems acceptable to ask a bisexual such questions. So, here are some answers to commonly asked questions:
The whole “preference” thing doesn’t work/apply to everyone
I’ve known basically my entire life
No, I’m not just experimenting
No, I’m not going to pick a “side”
No, it’s not easier to be straight. This is a part of my identity, I know my sexuality and I would rather live as my true self rather than trying to deny my sexuality.
There is a difference between politely asking to educate yourself and ignorantly asking rude questions. Remember, it is ok to ask, but do so respectfully and politely. Also the threesome is not happening.
Lots of bi love,
Paige Roden, General Secretary & Treasurer at University of Nottingham’s LGBT+ Network



Officer Update

Hello everyone!

We’ve been up to a lot while you were gone for the summer!  I hope you all had a good break and you’re ready to get back into the swing of things.

I want to explain what we’ve been up to, in continuation of transparency so you all know what to expect this year! 🙂


  • New Facebook Page!  We’ve set up a brand new Facebook Page! This will help communication between the Network and it’s members via the anonymous ‘Message’ button, as well as a stronger link between the Network and the general LGBT+ public! Also, it means that the Closed group is now private, meaning it is safe for Network members to post anything at all there without fear of spamming or hate speech. Go give it a like now!


  • Welcome Social – On Sunday 30th, we are having a Welcome Social!! Come along to meet some other LGBT+ students and play some games ❤ Link here


  • First Wednesday Night Social – On Wednesday 4th, our regular Mooch socials are starting again! Come along for some chill drinks (staying sober is completely fine!) This week also marks the start of our Sunday cafe socials too – perfect if Wednesday isn’t the best day for you or if you prefer a weekend meetup ❤


  • New Year Elections – From Monday 25th September to October 9th, you will be able to post your manifesto and nominate yourself for the position of Campaigns Officer (x2) and Welfare Officer (x2)! Voting will commence in the week after! Message the Page or email for more information.

Link to Elections

Further Information Here


  • Sponsorship – We are excited to announce that Bierkeller have offered to sponsor the Network! They are aiming to provide us with Rainbow Discount Cards, offering 10% off all of their drinks for Network members! This will be coming very soon – keep an eye out at Network events, where we will be giving out the cards!


  • UoN LGBT+ Voices Event – LGBT+ Voices are hosting their first talk/discussion event on October 6th at 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Come along to hear University speakers talk about LGBT+ inclusivity in the media and how to write inclusively! If you’re haven’t already, joined the closed group for more information here!



In addition to the above, I’ve been sorting out some Officer tidbits to fill my manifesto points! There’s still so much more to come, but here’s some info for now:

  • Propaganda Policy – I am going to meet with sponsorship in the SU very soon in order to hopefully draft a contract with Propaganda Nottingham! This will allow us to visit their on official Network events and maybe get discounts on drinks 🙂


  • STM – Supporting Trans Members was unfortunately halted this year for various financial reasons – However, I’m pleased to announce that we’re back on track! It’s going to run a little differently however. Instead of members asking for funds to buy binders etc. and then giving them to us, we will instead be buying binders from a reliable and safe source, and then offering them to members at a subsidised rate. Whilst binders are the most popular item requested, we will also still be offering other transition-related items according to demand. More info to follow soon!


  • NUS Induction – I recently went to meet some of the current NUS officer with the some of our Officer team in London. It was so interesting to hear about the plans of the LGBT+ Officers (Open and Women’s place) as well as the new Trans Officer (though unfortunately they weren’t there to meet in person.) This year, I hope to gather funds to send some Network members off to the 2017 LGBT+ Conference and Trans Conference – more details to follow.


  • In addition, I’ve had several meetings about campaigns so far with the Disabled Students’ Officers Eden and Alice, as well as with the Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer Lauren Bealin-Kelly, who has offered to provide official SU Welfare Training to our committee.


As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please fill out the feedback form on this website, contact me on, or message our new Page for quick feedback!

Wishing everyone the best of luck in the New Year,