LGBT+ Officer

Chris Smith


Hi everyone! I’m Chris, and I’m a gay cis man (he/him) about to start my third year studying English with Creative Writing here at UoN. As LGBT+ Officer for this year, I’m incredibly excited to help expand our LGBT+ family over 2017/18 by working with the Nottingham community and with NTU, as well as continuing to inspire positive change for the benefit of LGBT+ students at the University of Nottingham. Please feel free to contact me at, or by messaging the Facebook page – I’ll be happy to help!

General Secretary and Treasurer

Paige Roden


Hello lovelies, I’m Paige and I’m studying for a postgraduate in teaching (I also did my undergrad here at UoN in English). I identify as bisexual with she/her pronouns. I’m a big lover of reading and fitness, so I always have a book on me and frequent the gym regularly. I also love to travel and am backpacking America next summer. Feel free to contact me anytime!

Social Secretaries

Luke Allison


Hey I’m Luke (he/him), one of your social secs for the year. I’m here to make sure there are lots of fun things going on to fill up your spare time. I’m a second year studying medicine. If you see me around town don’t be afraid to say hi  

Sophie Shaw


Hi I’m Sophie, a cis bisexual (she/her pronouns), and one of the social secs!
I’m about to start my second year of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. I like swimming, badminton, and skiing. I also enjoy reading, tea and cats!

I’m really looking forward to next year! 🙂

Jase Neal


Hellooo, I’m Jase and I’m about to start my second year studying English. I identify as a gay cis man (he/him pronouns). My favourite film is The Devil Wears Prada and my favourite TV show is RuPaul’s Drag Race. I also love to read and to draw. I’m really forward to meeting loads of new people next year. Please feel free to contact me about whenever you want!

Welfare Officers

Jordan Smith


Hey! My name is Jordan Smith (using he/him pronouns) and I am one of your welfare secretaries for the upcoming year 🙂 I am a medical student at the university who loves cake, ice cream and all things sunny, and I can’t wait to be your welfare sec this year. Some things I would like to do this year is increase LGBT+ involvement throughout other societies at the university as I know from my experience of my first year that not putting yourself out there to try these things can make university life very tedious, so I am very excited to collaborate with other societies to offer you all safe spaces to get stuck in as much as possible. I hope very much that I can be there when/if you all need me and if you do you can contact me here on facebook or at the LGBT+ welfare email and I will do my absolute best to point you in the right direction 🙂

Campaigns Officers

— We are yet to have any Campaigns Officers run for the role, but our by elections open soon! Contact the committee for more information! —